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Maintenance, Support and Repairs/Upgrades

After service delivery assistance is a prerequisite to consolidating partnerships with customers but also, it is a strong condition to successful use and operations of software, systems and technology by the latter. Our Support, Maintenance and Repair staff holds first class qualifications and skills, on the hand. On the other hand, we ensure quick Support, Maintenance and Repair services to our clients.

In actual facts, our Support and Maintenance team work in close relationships with customers during set-up or installation stages of projects. The ultimate purpose is to come up with relevant skills transfer related to operation and use of our solutions. Usually, we actually work towards putting in place a local Support, Maintenance and Repair team that will resort to us only in extreme cases.

Thanks to our great international network of partners and to our field experience on 5 continents, our customers can rest assured of success in respects to operating our systems, technology and hardware with success towards meeting their goals.

BRIDGE CORPORATION´s Support, Maintenance and Repair services and team are active at the international level on a 7/7 day-24/24 hours roll that takes into account every time zone globally.

Solutions for Governments
Public Sector

Solutions for Governments

Border Control systems, Law Enforcement Automated Fingerprint/biometric systems, National ID Cards Systems, Biometric/E-passports, Biometric ID Cards, Refugee registration systems, Biometric Voting systems, Criminal registration systems, and more

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