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Registering, Tracking-Monitoring, and Protecting Refugees

BRIDGE CORPORATION products offer unique Identification and documents security to hundreds of thousands of Refugees worldwide. Moreover, our AFIS makes it possible to reliably and quickly encode, coordinate and later on match-check, on an extremely large global scale, peoples' and Refugees statuses and identities in and across borders.

Registering, Tracking-Monitoring and Protecting Refugees.

In an era when even climate change and environmental concerns have increased the already existing significant numbers of Refugees who are forced to flee their native lands in order to survive, handling Refugees demands more and more care, precision and above all, clarity.

Similarly, the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic imposes the necessity of more and more accurate tracking and monitoring of Refugees in each and every country, the world over. Not only must Governments be readily informed about locations, habitat and living habits of Refugees, but this must be done in strict compliance with respect to their privacy.

Our international operations have given us enough awareness and understanding of the huge cultural, socioeconomic, political and even security challenges Refugees encounter on a day to day basis, the world over. In fact, these have often made Refugees and at times illegal migrants to devise ingenious negative means to counter Police and Immigration at local levels.

Our biometric Refugee Management System can be customized to provide solutions to specific refugee management problems in any country.

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