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More than ever before, the world has become a “global village” and to some extent, a “global community”. As a direct result,  E-passports are more and more favoured over standard and traditional physical passports. However, this new tide has been accompanied by new threats (increased cyber crime and electronic forgery).

BRIDGE CORPORATION's E-passports have been developed in accordance with the new general international standards set by The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and more specifically with guidelines contained in the related 9303 Document. As a norm, our E-passport products guarantee total protection of privacy, in addition to safe Encoding and Processing techniques for personal biometric data. 

All produced documents comply with the specifications and norms of States and international travel and security institutions. It is worth underscoring that we provide services at in all stages of the passport and visa life: production, security, delivery and monitoring-control. Thanks to our electronic encryption of data on reliable micro chips, our E-passports can be even more quickly processed, thus rendering border control quicker.

Other specific and enhanced features we include are complete end-to-end electronic inlays and data pages. Again, these are so elaboratedly executed that duplication and the possibility of producing fakes are almost impossible.

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Passport booklets delivered

The whole process of E-Passport delivery is presented in the following sketch. Our services include implementing the full process, or individual phases as required by our clients.

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